Be like Apple.
Have clients line up
to buy from you.

Big brands do it. Small businesses do it. Even solo entrepreneurs do it. Let's do it. Let's position your brand as an icon, with a killer ad campaign.

Having your Ad Campaign inside your website immediately turns you into a leader in your market. Suddenly, 'out of the blue', all kinds of new opportunities start happening

This is not magic, it's proven science. 


Our Infallible Formula makes it
easy and fun to defy all the odds and
transform your brand in the most
prominent voice in your industry,
in no time. 


• Would you like your website to do all the talking and convert all the sales for you?

• Is your website bringing in less-then-ideal clients?

• Is your brand well stablished—but you constantly need to "get out there" & promote your business? 

• Would you like to make your competition irrelevant?

• Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone — and into the spotlight? 


If so, the
Website Campaign
is for you.

The magnetic ingredient:

We won't develop anything for where you are currently.
We'll create a Campaign for your clear vision of the future.

Your future vision, translated into your site (through your own ad campaign), pulls the future into the present faster than you can imagine. 

In other words, your website instantly creates your new reality. 

Your future by design—literally.


Beware, this is no ordinary branding 

It's a full strategic reassessment of your your brand, your story and where you want to be—designed to alter the course of your business forever. You really need to be ready to step up your own game. 

Clients and new opportunities will start showing up. It's a tested science and it's about results. It will be like clock work so you must be ready. I'm not just saying that—this is the new reality of my clients

The Website Campaign Package


What's included?


1. Business Positioning Session

Clarity is power.
First we'll use my winning step-by-step Positioning Blueprint to find your crystal clear vision. Then we do an assessment of your business to determine monetization models that align with that vision.


2. Game-changing Brand Story

Your Brand's "Hero's Journey." 
Your story carries the essence of your brand. Strategically
posed, your story has the power of emotionally connecting your brand with your audience—viscerally.


3. Strategic Tagline

Your long story, short

Your tagline is the North of your campaign. A well crafted bulls-eye tagline that has the power of putting your brand on the map - forever.

• The strategic tagline defines your brand before anyone does
• It clarifies your brand’s purpose immediately
• Is the North of the entire campaign


4. The Ad Campaign Concept

Your campaign will grab your clients by the balls, speaking directly to their most basic needs & desires. 

• it establishes a deep bond between brand and audience
• It translates your brand’s values - instantly
• It seduces your ideal customers like a spell
• It makes your competition irrelevant
• Guarantees your brand consistency, growth & longevity
• It’s the single minded thread that carries your message through all platforms


5. Strategic Homepage Design

Present your Strategic Campaign to the world.

Upon opening your site, possible clients are not only given information about you and your work. They involved in your brand’s universe where it’s easy, compelling and obvious to buy products and services from. 

• Be your clear, sophisticated and enchanting online presence
• Cultivate a relationship with your Ideal Client Avatar
• Work for you while you sleep


Without an Ad Campaign,
your website will be just one more, 
in a sea of others.

Our Infallible Formula, makes it easy and fun, to defy the odds and become the most prominent voice of your industry, in no time. This is what happens to all our clients.


Full project is completed within 1.5 - 2 months


Fill out the application below so we can determine if we are a good fit for each other and schedule your first session.