"Positioning my services changed everything. In fact it changed my business."

Your method is a huge missing key to most brands. Only now I understand how positioning can impact the revenue of a business. Positioning my services changed everything. In fact it changed my business. We found my "highest value" concept that deeply connects with my audience. Now I practically don't need to advertise because people really get what I really do for them. As you always say, positioning, positioning, positioning! You're absolutely right, Adri. —Luciane Lima | Author, Speaker, Founder of Instantaneous Consciousness



You positioned me where I have no competition. 

Your method is a huge missing key to most websites. It changed everything. In fact it redefined my business and completely transformed my relationship with it. After we found my HIGHEST VALUE CONCEPT and you positioned my business where has no competition. I had never heard of something like that. You really master this process, Adri. —Roberta Brunaro | Strategic Account Director 



"The best investment I made in my business this year."

Positioning was the one thing I wasn't doing—and that's what you do best. You have a very structured, direct and objective way of working, that was key for me. It was very reassuring to always know where we were in the process and what was coming next. The positioning sessions and questionnaires made me way more clear about my business as well. One of the best investments I made in my business this year. Fernando Spínola | Film Director & Producer



"You believed in me way more then I did."

I remember in the beginning, I was thinking so small and so linear. I had a strong desire to start my company. And you challenged me, you made me see way beyond. It was priceless to see my business with your eyes. You believed in me way more then I did. That changed everything because it changed me. It was such a transformative process for me personally.  —Sofia Delamed | Business Strategist



"Now I see how positioning was the missing key for us."

My positioning campaign changed everything. You completely repositioned what I do, you redefined it. Now I realize the importance of finding the "value of a message. This is greatly overlooked in other websites and businesses and that means CASH. We found the DNA then Adri created an exciting ad campaign that emotionally connected with my very select audience. Now that website is a money-making machine. And I know it's because we found that DNA. She really masters this process.
—Marcello Paes | Film Concept Director, Founder of Metaimagem 



"You told me my message would make people remember me - and that’s so true."

Working with you made me question how big I wanted to be - and how serious I was about it. It took a lot of guts. The faint of heart shouldn’t work with you. I needed to own my ambition. That can be really scary. I’m a pretty brave person, still, it was tough to go that big. But the way you encouraged me to be what I really am, made all the difference. You made me see it wasn’t worth staying in my comfort zone. 

“I’m really glad we went forward with it because it’s everything I really wanted. I’m so ever grateful to the process and to your ability to guide and create this game-changing brand for me, Adri.”
—Megan Hartig | Actress



Our business sessions were almost like "business therapy", I really had to get out of my cocoon.

Our business sessions were almost like "business therapy", I really had to get out of my cocoon. I was surprised with her interest on how I 'felt' about my business. She has a very unique method, it was both, business strategy and business coaching. Now we're also profiting from completely new - but obvious - services, thanks to those strategy meetings.—Nuno Levi | Founder of Type Machine Creative 



“Adri is an strategic partner for hire.”

Adri did way more then creating the positioning campaign for my website. She was really like a business partner for the whole time we worked together. Our strategy sessions were always a 360º look at my brand, and we talked a lot about the business side, monetization, viability and financial aspects.
I didn’t expect that from a marketing expert, it was very surprising and reassuring. 

And it's amazing what my business became: from a small intangible seed… into a worldwide, financially sustainable platform that empowers young leaders. Without Adri's business strategy sessions this would simply not be happening. —Salima Yacoubi | International UN Correspondent, Journalist, Entrepreneur



"Your positioning campaigns go way beyond intellect—that's why they convert."

You created a campaign not only based on what I had told you. You also captured what was behind what I said. I confess, that was a big surprise to me. Your perception is so fast and refined. Your solutions go way beyond intellect. Simple, profound, with elegance and a very surprising twist. You also distilled the complex information I gave you and transformed it into something incredibly simple and daring. I couldn't be happier with the campaign and the website we developed together. 
—Luciane Lima | Author, Speaker, Founder of Instantaneous Consciousness



I'm not a person who likes many things.

I liked 2 out of the 3 Campaigns you presented. 
And I’m not a person who likes many things.

—RMS | Ceo & Founder RMS Beauty



Today, only 4 months later, my business became that vision I had for the future. 

I knew I wanted to go beyond average but I was being safe with my ideas. You heard me beyond my fears - that made me really confident. You walked me through a door I wouldn’t dare crossing by myself. I'm so glad you did. Through our business strategy sessions I was able to expand beyond my comfort level and my expectation for brand. That's when everything changed. 

It was intimidating to create a campaign for "where I wanted my business to be in the future". But I’m so grateful you helped me go for it. It was a transforming experience for my business and for myself, in so many ways. Today, only 4 months later, my business became that vision I had for the future. That means another financial reality for us. I can't recommend your work enough.” —Valery Simmons | Marketing Director, Founder Alwaysland


A rare level of excellence.

I lead the New York based branding agency 10012 which I founded in 2003. Over the years, I have met very few Creative Directors that rival Adri’s dedication to her clients, enthusiasm for thrilling audiences with award winning campaigns, and love for the “big idea”. 

Whether she’s spearheading teams of creative, or interfacing with clients, Adri has always performed at a rare level of excellence. That has earned her an incredible reputation among our clients and leaders within some of America’s most demanding organizations. 

I recommend her highly and always hope we’ll continue to work together on the long haul.
—Flavio Masson | Founder & CEO, 10012, LLC



I certainly got multiple times what I paid.

The result was way beyond what I expected. I certainly got multiple times what I paid.
—Thiago Tiberio | Founder and Director, The Fourth Estate Project



It was a very empowering experience to have so much focus on strategizing my business.

I was always looking forward to our next meeting and the conversations with you, it was a very empowering experience to have so much focus on strategizing my business.

And the fact that you’re so up to speed with what’s happening in the culture, latest technology trends, advertising and interactive design, I feel you're on the edge of what’s happening. The work really benefits from it. I saw results that I’d rarely see on any strategic work. You're a very fast strategist.
—Angela Moreira | Journalist & Entrepreneur



"The options you presented were all impressive. It wasn't easy to choose one."

You were very generous with your options. It wasn’t like you had one good solution and some backups. A lot of people would give one excellent and a few backups - and that usually does it. But you are relentless on your effort to reach the top solution, so your options were almost all, practically irresistible. That was so reassuring. And every option powered my chosen umbrella approach. I felt beyond taken care of. That was priceless for me as a client. —Salima Yacoubi | International UN Correspondent & Founder of Global Leaders Today



"We co-created everything. It was quite an experience."

I was very surprised with what I discovered with the homework you gave me. It was extremely revealing to my business. And you based the campaign on those discoveries. So I’ve been a part of everything, the solutions are also mine. And that's a really good feeling to a control freak like me (laughs). I could not have imagined we'd have the positioning we have now - and it's so perfect. And I can't stop looking at my screen. —Allan Walker | Marketing Director, Founder of Benevole & Co.



"The faint of heart shouldn’t work with you."

You have to be ready to take a deep dive and see who you really want to be
in the world.  You saw me bigger then I saw myself. That was not easy. 

It took a lot of guts because it magnified that “I am the brand”. And I had do stand like: “This is who I am - and if someone doesn’t like it doesn’t matter because this is me.” That can be really scary. I mean, honestly. I’m a pretty brave person, still it was tough to own who I really am. To go that big. It was an uncomfortable stretch.

I did a lot of soul-searching, not what I’d expect from marketing work. You have to be ready to take a deep dive and be who you really want to be in the world. And the way you held my hand, and encouraged me to be all I already am - it made all the difference.

Now I simply set a new standard in my industry. My website has been passed around to so many producers, I got so many auditions and parts in movies - because of my positioning. That's remarkable. I’m really glad you helped me to go forward with it. It completely changed my results.
—Megan Hartig | Actress



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